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Building a culture of #SecureByDesign

  • What is SafeHack about? #InfoSecurity

    SafeHack is the biggest security hackathon in Africa targeting 100 participants in 2020. All the SafeHack Hackathon editions have had a strong software element but we encourage teams to also work on hardware projects. The intensity and enthusiasm required to deliver a competitive hack usually means that getting the solution to work in a short amount of time is challenge enough.

  • Important Information for SafeHack 2020 #The411

    Date: 02 - 04 October 2020

    Time: 12:00PM, Fri to 17:00PM, Sun

    The Where: Via a Secure HTTPS line

    The How: Code from Home and then submit

    Who can attend: Aspiring developers, intermidiate/experienced developers, designers, etc.

  • Focus Areas #SmartIndustries

    Advanced software and hardware are everywhere in our lives, and their impact, especially when broken or compromised by outsiders has never been more relevant. The purpose of SafeHack is to build a secure-by-design mindset in students by setting challenges that require both innovation and security considerations.

    The featured challenges will also include Proactive Capability (AI/ML), Network/Enterprise Security and Capture the Flag Change (CTF).

  • The 2020 Theme #SecureMankind

    The Hackathon will be themed 'Enterprising Mankind: Building A Secure African Footprint’

  • Connected Intelligence #ConnectedThings

    “In the era of Connected and Amplified Intelligence, a new type of a developer emerges. That developer needs to have the right kind of knowledge, consciousness and capability to project the African Digital Footprint against Digital Zombies in the diverse threat landscape.”

  • It's a Virtual Hackathon #CodeFromHome

    This will be the third Information Security Hackathon hosted by Geekulcha and its partners under the theme “SAFE HACK”. The event will be hosted online as a virtual hackathon in alignment with social distancing requirements as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak in the country.

    It’s a 53 hour challenge that gathers students under one roof to solve challenges using their Information Security knowledge The challenges will be outsourced from the sponsors, the community, the Geekulcha team and also from the hackers taking part.

    It is an event where the young geeks showcase their skills while networking and having fun Mentoring will be provided to the Geeks by Security professionals throughout the hackathon.






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#SafeHack Rules

Please Note: No cyber hacking of any other contestants, projects, laptops or devices is allowed. Any attempts will result in disqualification.

The CyberHack contest is only open to beginners (hackers who do not work for or in cyber security at any level).

Participants must bring their own machines for the Hackathon.

You are not allowed to Hack into the WI-FI

What to expect

There will be an introductory session will introduce safe coding principles, and explain how the software and hardware can be used against the business (developer) and its customers.

To make things more interesting for the more cyber minded, we also want to take advantage of this opportunity to show how easy it is for anyone to break into a system. So we will have servers configured with the basic vulnerabilities that were explained in the intro tutorials.

The SafeHack entrants will then have an opportunity to use the tricks they have been taught to obtain information or images from these servers. This will be run as a fully separate side contest, mostly for fun and kudos.

The Game Plan

Form a team and choose a challenge from below.


AI/Machine Learning for Proactive Cyber Defense

Proactive Cyber Defence means acting in anticipation to oppose an attack involving computers and networks. It represents the thermocline between purely offensive and defensive action; interdicting and disrupting an attack or a threat's preparation to attack, either pre-emptively or in self-defence.

The mission of the pre-emptive proactive operations is to conduct aggressive interdiction and disruption activities against an adversary using:

Psychological operations, Managed Information Dissemination, Precision Targeting, Information Warfare Operations and computer network exploitation and other active threat reduction measures.
The proactive defense strategy is meant to improves information collection by stimulating reactions of the threat agents, provide strike options and to enhance operational preparation of the real or virtual battlespace.


Network Security for enterprise or public use

Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator.


Civic Tech protecting the end user.

Civic technology, or civic tech, enhances the relationship between the people and government with software for communications, decision-making, service delivery, and political process.


Capture The Flag Challenge

CTF (Capture The Flag) is a kind of information security competition that challenges contestants to solve a variety of tasks ranging from a scavenger hunt on wikipedia to basic programming exercises, to hacking your way into a server to steal data.

A set of challenges will be provided for the CTF challenge for the teams to mwork from with a live scoreboard.

The CTF Challenge Catergories

Steganography - Tasked with finding information hidden in files or images

Binary - Reverse engineering or exploiting a binary file

Web - Exploiting web pages to find the flag

#SafeHack Resources

Some guidelines and tools to help you prepare for #SafeHack

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Industry Roundtable

Knowledge Share ThinkTank

This provides the opportunity for the industry to meet and guide young local tech talent. The roundtable discussion will be a 2-hour session that will help the techies understand information security, vulnerabilities and the threat-landscape.

An invited panel member roundtable will also answer questions from the local Geeks and assist in project approach. The facilitators of the panel discussion with Steve Jump and Keitumetsi Tsotetsi. The panel will include personnel from various organisations

This interactive session will help you develop/build within industry standards outline things to lookout for in the threat landscape.

“Security goes where IT goes: everywhere"

Keitumetsi Tsotesi
Keitumetsi Tsotesi
CIO, Geekulcha

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SafeHack 2018 Partners

Support SafeHack 2020

The 2020 edition of the SafeHack will take place 02 - 04 July 2020 virtually on the count and in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown period. In this quest of building Information Security skills capacity onto young local talent, we hereby call on the support of the industry in this journey of Information Security skills capacity development.

Sponsor Mentor Give a Prize

SafeHack 2018 Winners

The Top 3 Teams: Most Secure Solutions

1st: Open Publications

R10 000 cash IBM Cloud Services voucher To attend CISO Alliances

2nd: The Pixel

R5 000 cash IBM Cloud Services voucher

3rd: 1632

R3 500 cash IBM Cloud Services voucher

Spot Prize Winners: Individual Prizes

Nompumelo Moerane

Best Female Star: Won a ticket to BCX Disrupt 2018

Siyabonga Bongwa

Ultimate GeekStar: Won a ticket to BCX Disrupt 2018

Rochelle Makhubela

Best Twittera: Won 1GIG of Data


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